Who is Baxter?

In our 50-plus years in business, Baxter has been many things to many industries. But mainly we've been a leader in designing and manufacturing quality foodservice and bakery equipment worldwide. We understand that advanced technology is there for one thing: to help you create an authentic experience for your customers. The look of artisan bread, the scent of fresh food being baked on site, the appeal of seeing a tempting entre being prepared.

Since becoming part of Illinois Tool Works (ITW), the parent company of Hobart, we've only increased that understanding, and as a result have further improved our customer support, design quality, and manufacturing capabilities.

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  • Bakery Retarder Double Wide RR2 BX56051...Download423kb

  • Retarder Proofer Double Wide RPW2S BX56...Download814kb

  • Retarder Proofer Single Wide RPW1S BX56...Download803kb

  • Bakery Retarder Single Wide RR1 BX56049....Download399kb

  • Bread Moulder BDM 101 BX56053.pdfDownload215kb

  • Bread Slicer BBS200 BX56055.pdfDownload237kb

  • Bread Slicer BBS500 BX56058.pdfDownload224kb

  • Bread Slicer BS100 BX56054.pdfDownload249kb

  • Dough Dividers BDD BX56052.pdfDownload238kb

  • Electric Deck Oven OV400 BX56017.pdfDownload536kb

  • Energy Management Upgrade Kits - Rack Ov...Download351kb

  • FOODSERVICE RACK BX56022.pdfDownload233kb

  • FRY-BASKET BX56021.pdfDownload183kb

  • Hybrid Convection Oven HCO100E BX56044.p...Download429kb

  • Hybrid Gas Oven HCO100G BX56064.pdfDownload394kb

  • Hybrid Proofer Holding Cabinet BaseR MB1...Download392kb

  • INGREDIENT BIN BX56020.pdfDownload217kb

  • Proof Box Double Wide PW2E BX56004.pdfDownload715kb

  • Proof Box Double Wide PW2S BX56006.pdfDownload716kb

  • Proof Box Single Wide PW1S BX56005.pdfDownload705kb

  • Proof Box Triple Wide PW3S BX56007.pdfDownload717kb

  • Proofing Cabinet Base OV300 Accessories ...Download754kb

  • Rack Convection Oven – Electric Mini ...Download610kb

  • Rack Convection Oven – Electric Mini R...Download449kb

  • Rack Convection Oven – Gas Mini Rotati...Download609kb

  • Rack Convection Oven – Gas Mini Rotati...Download445kb

  • Rack Oven - Double EEGas BX56068 .pdfDownload389kb

  • Rack Oven - Electric Rotating Double BXA...Download497kb

  • Rack Oven - Electric Rotating Double OV5...Download433kb

  • Rack Oven - Electric Rotating Single OV5...Download428kb

  • Rack Oven – Electric Rotating Single B...Download495kb

  • Rack Oven – Gas Rotating Double BXA2G ...Download482kb

  • Rack Oven – Gas Rotating Single BXA1G ...Download501kb

  • Rack Oven – Gas Rotating Single OV500G...Download413kb

  • Retarder Proofer Double Wide RPW2E BX560...Download815kb

  • Tray Oven Revolving OV851G BX56016.pdfDownload462kb

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